Top Cloud Computing Issues For Universities & Their Workarounds


The educational market becomes more competitive each passing year. Colleges and universities are adopting new learning technologies with an aim to expand outreach, improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge. The U.S. Department of Education has given a nod to technological development, as evident in the National Education Technology Plan. According to them, the data [...]

A Brief History of Antivirus Software

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Since the first line of code began to run there have been those who excelled at understanding it more than others. This fascination and obsession with technology has much to do with why we have seen such an expansive introduction of computer viruses, malicious code, and hacking tactics. The term “hacker” was originally coined for [...]

Security flaw in Android could affect 99% of all handsets


Android smart phones are at risk. Smartphones . Researchers of Blueblox, a company specializing in electronic security devices, discovered a flaw that can affect up to 99% of the devices with Android Operating system. Through this loophole, malicious user can fully control the phone from others. The operation of the hack, obviously, was not disclosed [...]

Qustodio the best free parental control application now available for Android and Mac

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Qustodio is one of the best applications which effectively monitors and control the internet activities of your kids. With this application you can watch and set how your kids use internet and safeguard them from inappropriate content and cyber bullying. The latest version of Qustodio offers families a useful tool to properly manage on-line activity [...]

Six best free tools to edit PDF files


Portable Document Format (PDF) files have been extensively used across the globe for display and direction of documents. It allows people at different venues to work on same document and it also make users convenient to display and print documents that look absolutely same on all computers. But how would you create or edit those [...]

A Free application to read QR codes from a Windows PC


Nowadays QR codes become very popular, we can see the QR code on websites, Product boxes, business cards, email signatures, Hoardings etc but are intended to be read by smartphones and tablets, so if we do not have one, you will not know what they hide. Don’t worry with Code Two Desktop QR code reader [...]

Apple iOS6 vs. Android Jelly Bean vs. Windows Phone 8


In this present technology of mobile phones, three super cool operating systems are ruling the world and won millions of hearts!! Today in this post we are going to check the difference between the features and functions of TOP 3 mobile Operating Systems that are namely the iOS6 which belongs to Apple corp. and the [...]