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BSNL WiMAX broadband – Is it suitable for you?


Nowadays most of the BSNL subscribers keep their land line connection mainly for broadband purpose only. In terms of economy and bandwidth, BSNL is miles ahead as compared to their competitors. BSNL is facing acute shortage of manpower to maintain the exchanges and underground cables. Road side digging work often damages the underground cables and [...]

Smartphones make healthcare better and cheaper


Smartphone sector is one of the the fastest growing fields in communication and electronics industry, and we can see the  influence of smartphones in all the fields of life. In terms of computing power and features present day smartphones surpass early desktops and laptops miles behind. Like any other fields the impact of smartphones in [...]

Gorilla Glass 3 in Samsung Galaxy S IV- Everything you need to know about Gorilla glass


Gorilla Glass- Glass with the power of Gorilla is the unique product from US glass making company Corning. Primarily Gorilla glass features high strength and scratch resistance without compromising the thickness and transparency. These features make Gorilla glass the perfect choice for gadgets like smart phones, PDAs and tablets. Gorilla Glass was an immediate hit [...]

Things you need to know before buying a Tablet PC


Technology has evolved faster than the speed of light. Who would have thought that the first computers, which were as big as a room or two and had barely the computing power of a handheld calculator, could now fit into the palm of your hand and boast if an exponential increase in computing power? The [...]

Twelve Best search technique in Google


More than four million users type what they need in one blank box and simply press the Google Search, probably without knowing the complex system which fetch thousands of results in seconds or even fraction of sections. In this article let’s see how to get the most out of Google by learning few techniques, by [...]

What you won’t get from cheap Android tablets?

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Tech savvy people can understand the difference between high ended and low ended tablets, others may think why to go for a high ended models priced over 500$ at the same time we are getting almost same features in the 100- 200$ tablet. Here let’s go through the facts what you won’t get from cheap [...]

Essential maintenance tips to take most out of your home inverter.


Inverters are not coming under fit and forget category. Like any other home appliances, maintenance of inverters and associated batteries are paramount to get optimum benefit. Preventive maintenance is very much importance in terms of safety also. Here some tips to get most out of your home inverter . Maintenance of Battery. Battery is the essential [...]