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Easy WordPress installation in your local machine using BitNami

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Almost every WordPress bloggers keep a local copy of WordPress installation, which is  essential for testing  plugins, themes as well as other design elements. WordPress installation in local machine makes the WordPress learning curve simple and need not to depend upon the net connection or disturb the live blogs for testing. Installation and configuration of [...]

WordPress on the iPhone and the Blackberry


Wordpress is a powerful blogging tool, one that is simultaneously user-friendly and difficult to master. Users have everything they need to use it at their fingertips, but it may be this wealth of options that could be their downfall. Even the most experienced blogger may become overwhelmed by what they can do. The wealth of [...]

How to Secure Your WordPress Installation from Hackers

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The popularity of the Wordpress blogging platform has exceeded even the creator’s expectations with over 18 million installations to date. The original and embryonic WordPress platform started life in 2003. One of the founder members, Matt Mullenweg, was looking at ways in which to better the management of daily writing and along with a small [...]

WordPress Plugin- Displays Animated Twitter Bird


Nowadays Twitter is an integral part of each and every website. This phenomenal little bird is hovering  with millions of tweets across the web. A number of scripts and plugins are available to integrate Twitter with your site. Most of the Twitter badges are stationary or floating type. Now here a different WordPress plugin to [...]

Who/What inspired me to select Thesis Theme


Theme selection is one of the most confusing and time taking part. My first theme was Atahualpa theme, shifted to Arthemia Free, then Arras theme…..Swift and finally landed to Thesis . Here I am not going through the pros and cons parts of above mentioned themes. Then what led me to the present theme Thesis? [...]

WordPress Plugin to manage multiple blogs


This is a guest post by Kishore – A blogger / web developer working on WordPress. For guest posting in Techlineinfo, please go through the guidelines. WordPress is known to the best Blogging software used by millions, with great features of plugins and themes which can customize your installation according to your need. If you [...]

WordPress Blogs and Search Engine Optimization


Credit goes to the developers of Wordpress for building an application with search engine visibility as a concern. Nevertheless, users can make their blogs in Wordpress more visible in the search engines by following some simple steps. Build a Wordpress Theme that is structurally geared towards SEO Doing an SEO friendly blog does not depend [...]