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Things you need to know before buying a Tablet PC


Technology has evolved faster than the speed of light. Who would have thought that the first computers, which were as big as a room or two and had barely the computing power of a handheld calculator, could now fit into the palm of your hand and boast if an exponential increase in computing power? The [...]

Should you upgrade to an Ultra HDTV in 2013?


We saw ample evidence at CES that 2013 is the year of Ultra HD technology. Sure, Sony started selling a 4K Bravia back in September 2012, but already faces stiff competition in the new year from LG, Samsung, Sharp, and Toshiba. That makes five companies that will have at least one Ultra HD TV available [...]

ADSL Wireless Router buying guide.


I’ve published several articles on ADSL modems, Router configuration , Security settings etc in this blog. Choosing a best Wireless routers among various brands and models is  a daunting task. To select a better router, you must analyze your requirements and understand the basic features of a Wireless Router. Difference between a Normal Router and [...]

Induction cookers–Everything you need to know about


Induction cooker- The rising star of modern Kitchens..Before going in details let us discuss about the basic principles of induction cookers How Induction Cooker works Induction heating is a completely different method to generate heat as compared with conventional electric heaters such as Coils, Halogen heaters etc. In an induction heater, the cooking vessel itself [...]

Things to Keep in mind before buying an inverter


Boiling summer is just few weeks ahead, scheduled and unscheduled power cuts are expected as usual. Inverters are one of the most demanded products of summer season. Are you planning to buy or upgrade your inverter in this season? Then instead of being trapped in the marketing gimmicks, understand some basic facts and do a [...]