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BSNL reluctant to give rural broadband connection under USOF scheme

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bsnlThrough their website BSNL has announced the rural broadband connection under USOF scheme to increase the broadband penetration in rural areas. Universal Service Obligation Fund(USOF) is being utilized exclusively for meeting the Universal Service Obligation by providing access to telegraph services to people in the rural and remote areas at affordable and reasonable prices.

The key highlights of the rural broadband connection under this scheme are:

  • Cheap monthly rental (From Rs 99/- and Rs. 150/-)
  • Free Modem
  • Bandwidth starting from 512 Kbps
  • Full details and tariffs here

But these things are in advertisement only. In many areas BSNL authorities are not giving connection under this scheme. The reason they are projecting is – they can not assure the minimum bandwidth of 512 Kbps, especially in rural areas, which is mandatory under this scheme to get fund from USOF. BSNL officials say they can assure only the basic broadband bandwidth of 256 kbps.

It is heard that someΒ  hidden circular is behind this to safeguard the BSNL authorities from legal action. If you apply for broadband connection they will simply give you the normal basic broadband connection.

See the fun, in the countries like Finland, high speed broadband connection (1Mbps) has been made as a fundamental right and heading towards an assured bandwidth of 100mbps by 2015. Here our National Internet Backborn can not assure a minimum 512 Kbps bandwidth.

Leave the bandwidth, people are satisfied with 256 kbps, at least BSNL authorities should think about giving the connection under this scheme after getting an undertaking by the customer that he/she will not claim for 512 Kbps or put a “*” in the advertisement(Conditions applied).

This is the best example ofΒ  Red tapism and communication gap between the Govt departments. How easily they have spoiled a great program to increase the broadband penetration in rural areas.

Please share your experience if any.

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  • I too tried apply UL 799 without success.I was told that that option is not available in their software πŸ™

  • I as well applied for USOF-500 plan just 1 day back. I live in a rural area and was using 500+ urban plan earlier. I was not denied for the connection atleast and was assured that it will start working from the next billing cycle. Will keep you updated with whatever goes on with that at my end…

    • Thanx for your comment, Can you please mention your location? It will be helpful to other readers also.

  • I belong to a small village near Chandigarh, Punjab.

  • To my surprise, my RUSOF 500 plan is shown as OPEN even before 01/04/2010 which is when my billing cycle starts.

    I immediately did test on bandwidth which it draws from my ISP. The popular bandwidth calculator http://www.speedtest.net/ calculates it to be 1.20 Mb/s (DL) and 0.42 Mb/s (UL), which i believe should not be the case with RUSOF 500 plan.

    I guess the the portal only shows it as OPEN. The plan be effective only from 01/04/2010 in actuality (which is written there as well). Well, will keep u posted on more…

  • Status at portal changed from “OPEN” to “Provisioning InProgress”. I called CC and was told that it will take 2-3 days more to actually get activated.

  • You are welcome Admin.

    My USOF plan was activated on 05/04/2010 and i’m using it right now. The same has been confirmed from officials as well.

    But thing which amazes is the BANDWIDTH. This is STILL THE SAME as before i.e. 2 Mbps !!! According to USOF Combo UL 500, it should be no more than 512 Kbps upto 4 GB & 256 Kbps beyond 4 GB. I made aware about my concern the officials as well when i received the confirmation call, but they simply said “It’s OK with the speeds” :-??

    The portal shows my usage “0”, 05/04 afterwards. I don’t how is it possible with the Bandwidth. Let’s see what happens coming May when I’m billed!

    • It is nice Gurdeep, Happy to hear that you got the connection in USOF scheme. This shows that there is no hidden instruction from the top to deny the connection. Now the responsibility goes to the local BSNL authorities. Some over cautions officials are playing this dirty game. Any way thanx for the update and please don’t forget to update more details.

  • Lovedeep singh

    I have tried a lot to get that usof500 plan. But all bsnl officers say that there is no new rs 500 plan even broadband helpline 1800 424 1600 says that there is no plan like this. Please suggest if any way to get to this plan.

  • sunil v paul

    I sent a signed request for BB Home Rural USOF Combo UL 500,but they told me there is no provision for this plan under Punnamparambu exchange,Thrissur dist,Kerala.They told only 31 connections are comes under these scheme .

  • Thankyou sujith for sharing this info..i am living in a rural area and wish to take the ul500 plan..can we take any legal action he they reject us ..is any provision to go to consumer court..is there any regulation that kept not supply more than 31 connection under this plan…if yes how can we assure that they give more than 31 connection..we should seriously think about this matter..as an indian citizen we should have the right..once again thanks for all valuable comments here..they help of lot..thanks sujith

    • Hi friend, thanks for your remarks. If BSNL authorities say they have already given 31 connections, then we can very well get the details through RTI act. Submit an RTI application to the JTO and get the details. They will be compelled to give it. No where they have published the restriction of 31 connection. Here is page on BSNL official site displays all the details of USOF broadband scheme. It is good step to approach consumer court. It will be helpful to others also.

  • harpeet

    i m a user of bb 750 per month please tell me im eligible for
    BB Home Rural Combo UL 500 @
    please reply me

    • Hi Harpeet, If your local exchange is coming in rural area, You are eligible for Rural combo plan. Contact your nearest BSNL exchange for more details.

  • Dr.C.S.Kale

    What is the BSNL policy in giving Broad Band connectivity to Cyber Cafes at Taluka or District Places? I would like to detailed report on this topic including tariff plans too.

  • Dr.C.S.Kale

    Are Cyber cafes included in USOF scheme? If not, WHY?

  • Krishna

    It is limited to 31 customers.


    I was allotted the rural 150 plan but they said that modem is not free, and I have to pay 1000 bucks for it. I am from Karnataka, D.K district.

    • Krishna, Thanks for the feedback.

    • seshu

      I too got same reply… after fighting i got this plan and free modem… some times they refused to provide modem at free of cost πŸ™‚ dont worry fight with them πŸ™‚

  • Lovedeep singh

    I have used this plan for 2 months . there is no restriction of 31 connections and it is right that modem is not free

    if you are not provided this connection complain to the head officer of your distric telephone exchange or call 1957 if available in your area

    also you can simply fill the online form to activate this plan


    Where can I get a list of eligible exchanges in kerala under this scheme?
    If such a plan is there it should be made available

  • Mohammad Basheer

    I am from Malappuram Dt. Kerala and my exchange is listed under USOD scheme. I too denied for USOF Rural plan from local BSNL office & SSA district level. I am officially putting a complaint from SSA level to the higher management till I get a proper reason for not giving connection under USOF plan in any of exchanges under Malappuram SSA, Kerala.

    Guys do not leave it, fight till you get the connection OR let BSNL remove this scheme from their site.

    Actually the plan is not BSNL innovation. It is a project by Department of Telecom and BSNL is obliged to implement that.

    Please find the details in below link (Section 1.4)


    • Basheer, Thanks you for sharing your experience. All the best for your efforts and hope this will open their eyes.

    • sudheer pv

      entha exchagum rural departmentil varunnathaanu but they are not giving me,avaru parayuvaaa

      25 broadbanconnectionil thazhayulla exchangukalil maatramaa kodukkan pattathulloo enta exchane athil varattilla enn

      • Hi Sudheer, It is not like that. The USOF scheme says – Under this scheme within a rural exchange only 25 connections will be given. Just ask the exchange authorities, how many connections they have issued under USOF scheme in your area. If it is less than 25, then you are also eligible for the same.

  • Naveen

    I need to know the details about the upgraded 899 USOF rural plan in BSNL… I Searched all over the internet… But i cant find a exact detail… Can any one tell me about the Detailed info of 899 USOF rural plan as dated on august 2010…???

  • yogesh

    well since last three months i am tring to submit required fee for the home plan 500 on this i am beeing force to get feseabilty report from the local line man who is looking after the area he is available on phone saying come and take me to you house then i’ll decied and i have told dear it is only 200 mts away from the dp you will give me the connection now he is saying there is no connection for you
    i have gone to higher leve but all are saying the same thig
    can i do something for it

  • smartin

    i am keralite. i too faced same problem from bsnl. my nearest customer centre said that rural plan is eligible for who are taking PC from bsnl under rural plan.

    • Yes Smartin,
      Last month I had a talk with a senior BSNL official who is responsible to verify the applications and issue the broadband connections under USOF scheme. He revealed the following facts which are not mentioned any where in BSNL’s site.
      1. This is a bundled offer, means you have to purchase PC also (Which is being supplied by HCL and BSNL will give subsidy)
      2. Only 25 connections will be issued (First come first serve basis) under a rural exchange.
      3. Connection will not be issued if they find any history of previous broadband connection in that particular number on their records.

  • smartin

    so i am not eligible for that. thanks for the information..anyway bsnl is so f***ed up

  • hi i want to know that if i want ti get a connection of bsnl broadband do i need telephone connection

    • Yes, you must have a telephone connection. First you apply for a landline connection, after getting the number, you can apply for broadband activation. Nowadays BSNL is so fast and for all these processes it may take only one week.

  • bcskal

    Initially there was a rule that the Rural Broadband connections would be given to only 31-customers was there. But now it has been removed (i.e.) all customers in a rural exchange are eligible for the same.
    BSNL is not very happily giving this rural broadband connection. They are giving this rural broadband connection, after much pressure from the customers.
    Though the type-2 modem is free, they would add the modem cost in the first tel. bill. Then later, if you write to the concerned Accts. Officer, then he would adjust the modem cost in the subsequent bills.
    If you are a Govt. employee, you can claim 20% discount in the bill. Also, if the annual amount is paid, then we need to pay only 10-months amt. only.
    Enjoy rural broadband. Thanks.

  • Mohammad Basheer

    I am still fighting with BSNL Kerala to get USOF plan activated. At present BSNL is raising the point that only 31 customers and they are already given to 31 customers. Of course I am submitting RTI information on this 31 customers.

    Please share with me the details or links which show of 31 customer barrier is removed under USOF


  • ashish chauhan

    hi i’m leaving in a village near haridwar till now i’m using UL750 with 512kbps than i apply for rural usof799 it gets activated from last two days but still the speed is 512kbps that should be 1mbps as the plan say or not?

  • hari

    hello sir,

    now iam using broadband plan 750 unlimited.i recevied call from BSNL office and they told me rural USO combo unlimited 500 plan is better than u’r plan .which one is best.Can i change my plan.

  • Dr. Gagan.

    Hello Sir, I stay in Loni, dist. ahmadnagar, in maharashtra. I had applied for the rural 500plan . it was activated this month only. i have a doubt. when i log in the bsnl portal account. it shows the usage in Chargeable Units(GB) Excluding Night Unlimited 0.78,
    Total Volume (GB) 6.65,
    Total Download Volume(GB) 4.36
    Total Upload Volume(GB) 2.29. my doubt is that earlier it was showing 00 in the chargable usage, but now after the 6 gb download its showing 0.78. i confirmed from the bsnl exchange too. they say that its 500 plan only. i wanted to know that another plan was of 550 rs, in which after 6 gb they charge. is it that i will be charged after the 6 gb or shall i continue to use it. thanks in advance.

  • jake

    hi sujith..first hats off to you to bring this kind of discussion..i tired of taking a usof connection..because of the lack of time..and atlast i took a connection of 500..2mbps plan ,,2.5gb free and night unlimited..but from the beginning i am not able to get a good download speed…it is limited to 30-37kbps…do u know which is the normal speed.the guys from telephone exchange said me that my house is very far from exchsnge so i m not able to get that kind of speed…is der any way to increase speed..and at last best wishes to mr.basheer for his efforts..we should aware of our rights and tells loudly to them that it is not their charity we need but our rights to know,to ask,to enjoy wat we deserved…

  • jake

    hi sujith..first hats off to you to bring this kind of discussion..i tired of taking a usof connection..because of the lack of time..and atlast i took a connection of 500..2mbps plan ,,2.5gb free and night unlimited..but from the beginning i am not able to get a good download speed…it is likited to 30-37kbps…do u know which is the normal speed.the guys from telephone exchange said me that my house is very far from exchsnge so i m not able to get that kind of speed…is der any way to increase speed..and at last best wishes to mr.basheer for his efforts..we should aware of our rights and tells loudly to them that it is not ur charity we need but our rights to know,to ask,to enjoy wat we deserved…

  • gurpreet singh

    i am gurpreet singh from punjab village jherianwali. sir mene rular area mae 500 wala unlimted plan lya tha. abb mai es plan ko change karvana chata hu, mene 250 wala plan laena hae jisme 150gb free or 100 calss milti hai, yeh plan mai online change karvana chata hu.kyoki hmare ghaab se bsnl ki exchange 60 km hai, my landline nomber is
    my plan plz online change kiya jaye, apka danyabaad hoga

    gurpreet singh

    • Gurpret, Through online you can’t change the plan. You have to give application in your BSNL exchange. There is no plans with 150 GB free. May be 1.5 GB. Speak to your BSNL authorities – You can send written application by post with relevant details . You must confirm the plan change through BSNL portal before use.

  • jake

    hello sujith…how can we find which plan is currently using without contacting the telephone authorities….?

    • Login to BSNL broadband usage check portal and you will get the details of your plan

      • jake

        but it simply shows the usage data….how can we find our data plan like home25o,home500,combo500etc

        • After login click on My orders -There you can find your subscribed plan

          • jake

            sorry for disturbing if i….in my orders it shows 3 columns,,,,
            Customer Number: **************
            Telephone Number:
            [For Telephone Number enter STD and Phone Number eg., 80#25802222 ]
            Service UserId:
            dont know wats my service id….

            hope u can help

            • Remember- Enter the tele number in the correct format means if your std code is 080 and number is 25802222 enter 80#25802222

              Service user id is your user id followed by “@bsnl.in”
              [email protected]

              Press the search button

  • ravi



  • jake

    nice…it works….thanks for your kind support….






  • Niyaz

    hey am requested to change my plan to bb500 ul plan bcoz my exchange will come under rural but the called me and said there is no way to change they lied me where i will go……?

    • You can very well change the plan. Give a written application to JTO and get it acknowledged.

  • Prashant Deshmukh

    in tarrif table of bb plans of rural areas all the plans are under the heading “USOF”.Then why only Rs 99 and Rs 150 plans are given under this scheme? What about other rural plans?

  • prabin

    hai all of you i approched several times to get this plan they said that they are giving this plan only to the bsnl customers who are taking a desktop pc from bsnl there was a tie up with hcl to supply pc + broiad band so last time i said if it is so i want it in writing so that i can go to court so teh engineer said he will consult with his boss and told me to come back after 1 week but i returned to my job place again i came during my leave to my native place
    and met one of my friend who is working in dubai and he got this rural plan so i asked how
    he said he threatened them by saying thing going to court
    hearing tjis i rushed to teh exchange and given teh application now i got rural plan very good for 500 rs unlimited and 150 calls free no rent for phoen also if you activate is din your phone you can utilize this 150 calls to gulf also so my dera friend ask them to give the objection in writing and threatene them by saying court and case tehy will give you rural plan

  • babaji Malvnkar

    I live in rural area of Maharashtra.I use bsnl unlimited plan 499 rs.per month but usage of internet is just 3 gb per month.Please tell me a suitable plan for me & can i see my daily usage of internet anywhere or in portal?

  • Rushikesh Kulkarni

    I am Rushikesh Kulkarni R.O. Kankapur, Mandal Lokeshwar, Andhra Pradesh. I had a telephone connection from BSNL, but it got disconnected around 5 years back due to the laying of OFC line by BSNL themselves. But this line was never corrected after that. We made several complaints to the local BSNL office. But the complaints were never addressed by anyone. Instead we had to face the flack of officers saying nothing can be done in that area etc.
    Where as the village next to ours i.e. Abdullapur which is only 2km far, has the substation and all the lines in that village are functional. We have taken our grievances to various BSNL officers several time but no one was ready to help. When BSNL claims Broaband for everyone, why is our village left out where as the 2kms away there is BSNL substation. When people tell about the good state of BSNL in cities why this callousness when it comes to rural areas. Any organization works on profitability and BSNL is no exception. But our contention is, when it comes to rural areas you have to take some exceptions to encourage people to avail the services, as our rural population is getting more and more educated there will definitely be an opportunity to grow.

    All we need is a broadband connection, please help me and advice on what is the right approach.

  • Tapan Roy

    i am a BB user under USOF Scheme BSNL provide only Rs-99/- for 400MB. they dont provide Rs500ULD plan… this is a bullshit…

  • renu

    Hello! I had been using bsnlbroad plan of BBG125.since i started getting heavy bills i thought of changing the plan. when enquired at customer care i was told about rural 500 unlimited plan. later from bsnl office an official told that i cannot be given 500 plan. only 33 connection can be given in a village. as far as i know there is not much people who are using internet in this village. i have told to take 625 unlimited plan and they have no equipment for the 500 plan. can some one clarify is there any particular equipments for each plan? i have no clue whether bsnl has changed my plan to 625. is there any sms facility to know your broadband plan. i have told that in this scheme i just have to pay 625 and there will no phone bills.
    kindly reply

  • Wow thats new news for me. I never heard about this plan. I am using BSNL (West Bengal).
    I have to talk about this. Shall i demand this plan as we are from rural area too.

  • seshu

    there is USO150 and uso99 plans . i am using uso 150plan. more over i am Govt employee . i got 20% discount on usage and rental πŸ˜‰

  • Ravinder

    The us of scheme is agreement between bank and us of fund to provide broadband connection to rural customers.under the agreement only 31 connections are eligible for subsidy per exchange.also bsnl provide computer equipment which also eligible subsidy from usof fund.for providing rural areas with broadband connections,USOF has signed an agreement with Bbnl for laying incremental political fiber cable.Rs 20,000 crore fund is allocated for this.

  • rinzing bhutia

    i am from small village from sikkim.
    hence i need internet connection in my place. so waht is the provision for the villagers?

  • Harender

    My village is 15 km from heart of greater noida.
    We had BSNL connection in 1987, in 2001 the roads were widened and the wires were cut.
    Now despite complaining in written for 15 years no action has taken place.
    WHAT DIGITAL INDIA ARE WE TALKING ABOUT when we live 90 minutes away from Delhi without land line phone.(forget internet).

    Can somebody help

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