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BSNL has launched a special settlement program for broadband bill disputes

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bsnlBSNL has announced a special settlement program named “Samadhan” to settle down the dispute over the broadband billing. The scheme is beneficial for both existing and ex- customers. This program will be helpful for the customers who got a disconnection due to non payment of outstanding bills beyond the  expected usage. According to BSNL the  main reason of unexpected huge bill is due to the lack of customer unawareness about various plans and the customer requirements. This scheme is valid up to 31 Mar 2011 and this is a once in a lifetime option. The scheme is beneficial for the customers already got a disconnection due to non payment and he shall not be charged any reconnection/installation fee and Fixed monthly charges for the intervening period i.e., from the date of disconnection of BB connection up to the date of reconnection.

All the schemes are applicable  uniformly up to three consecutive bills only i.e., the latest disputed bills and two immediately preceding bills, in case these two preceding bills too are disputed and unpaid. However on the merits of each case, the heads of Secondary Switching Area have been empowered to allow settlement of such disputed bills for six consecutive billing cycles i.e., the latest disputed bill and preceding five bills, if disputed and unpaid.

Option – I (Applicable to all customers – Home & Business)

Under this option, a customer against whom one or more such alleged excessive bills outstanding, can settle maximum three bills of three consecutive billing cycles as follows :

The customer has to pay Rs. 750/- for first 5 GB per bill  for excess usage (beyond the admissible limit as per plan)  and the remaining excess usage (if any) beyond 5 GB @ Rs. 100/- per GB or part thereof per bill. This settlement shall be applicable individually against each disputed bill. For example, if you have a 1 GB plan and with an excess usage of 7 GB (Means total 8 GB) you have to pay Rs 750+Rs 200 in addition to fixed monthly charges as per your plan.

The above mentioned relief shall be allowed to the customer, if the customer (Home & Business) simultaneously chooses a BB Plan at least Start up 250 or any other higher Plan (in terms of FMC). A Home user can choose only Home Plan and the Business user has to choose a suitable Business/General Plan.

Option – II (Applicable to all customers – Home & Business)

In this the customer has an option to select a Limited Usage Plan with higher FMC (Fixed Monthly charges), and the excess usage will be accommodated with the additional data limit of the new plan. All the disputed bills shall then be settled as per the new Limited Usage Plan chosen by the customer.


In this scheme Customer can select the unlimited plan  to get corresponding rebate on the excess usage of his disputed bill/s.

For Home useres

Plan Name Speed Rebate (in GB)
Home UL 750 or Home UL 750 Plus 256 Kbps 10 GB
Home UL 1350 or Home UL 1350 Plus 512 Kbps 20 GB
VAS Home Combo ULF 1499 1 Mbps 25 GB
VAS Home Combo ULF 2999 2 Mbps 50 GB

For Buisiness users

Plan Name Speed Rebate in GB
Business UL 3300 or Business UL 3300 Plus 256 Kbps 50 GB
Business UL 6000 or Business UL 6000 Plus 512 Kbps 100 GB
Business UL 9000 or Business UL 9000 Plus 1 Mbps 150 GB
Business UL 15000 or Business UL 15000 Plus 2 Mbps 250 GB

For extra usage beyond the rebate mentioned above in each disputed bills, the customer shall have to pay @ Rs.100/- per GB (For Home users) and Rs 75/- per GB (For business users) or part thereof to settle the disputed bill/s.

Note:  In all the three above mentioned options,  Customers are committed to  remain in  the selected BB Plan  for a period of twelve months after the  settlement, by paying ten months fixed monthly charges in advance as Annual Payment.

Option IV (For all customers)

If a customer does not want any future commitments, he can settle the excess bill by paying the outstanding  fixed monthly charges along with Rs 1000/- up to first 5 GB , Rs 200/- per GB for every additional GB or part thereof beyond 5 GB up to 10 GB and Rs. 100/- per GB for every additional GB or part thereof beyond 10 GB. Further the customer can continue with his existing plan without any future commitments.

BSNL has updated the scheme. Please go through the details

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  • dnrao

    Sir, Kindly let me know how I can avail the “BSNL SAMADHAN SCHEME”

    Thanking you, Sir

    • Please approach the in charge of BSNL Secondary Switching Area to avail the benefit of this scheme and settlement.


    The BSNL-Dhanbad/Jharkhand issued bill for November-2010 and December-2010 separately in an abnormal way. Since it was is thousnads of rupees and had exceeded the security amount deposited by me at the time of taking connection, as such to avoid disconnection, I paid the bill amount for November and December-2010 . After paying the bill, a news item published (Not an Advertisement from BSNL Side) in the Hindi Hindustan that owing to DCR Billing system in BSNL , the Broad Band consumer are facing problem which will be sorted out on 23-23 Feb.2011 for Dhanbad Conssumer and on 24-25 Feb2011- for Bokaro Consumer . By that time Bill payment for November & December-2010 was paid by me . However, I filed by petition for availing Samadhan Scheme and attended the Councelling . While attending the Samadhan Scheme, it was argued by the BSNL staff that since I had paid the Bill for Nov. & Dec.-2010 hance no relief shall be granted . However, they granted relief in the Bill raised by them for the month of January-2011. Can I move further in this regard before the higher authority . Kindly advise me suitably with the details to whom it should be prayed. This I am asking because there was no prior intimation by the BSNL authority. Secondly- the samadhan was applicable for three consecutive months and fourthly- when the customer ID and a/c no. of the customer has been allotted, where is the problem . I have my personal experience in the case of payment of Mobile Bill- when it was paid twise for a single month, the amount has been duly adjusted.Like wise, even if the Broad Band Bill has been paid by the bonafide customer, what is wrong in granting Samadhan relief even on Paid Bill.

    • Is there anything wrong with your bill such as false usage details or something like that? The Samadhan scheme is mainly to bring back the lost customers by giving some relaxation. If you have any complaint regarding the billing system you can consult the JTO of your SSA (Secondary Switching Area) or billing section for cross check and verification.


    I was covered under Broad Band Home 500 Combo Plan for which they had raised the Bill as follows:
    Month BroadBand Day Usage (Units in KB) Duration
    Nov.-2010 6258757 140:13:00
    Dec.-2010 4152347 127:42:41
    Jan.- 2011 5721120 148:11:43

    Under the above scheme, 1.5 Gb was free. For last 2/3 years, there was no such abnormality. This abnormality has been reflected after introduction of CDR Billing system. As such I have contested the Bill. It is not only case of mine but there are several cases whose Broad Band Bills have been raised from Rs. 25000/- to Lacs of rupees in Bokaro Steel City. And all are roaming from piller to post. My Bill Value for the above three months was INR 3579.91,2241.77 & 3232.44 respectivel. At least I am luckiest in some other manner but I wanted to book BSNL under the provision of Law of the Land so that such type of billing should not be raised. Once in Feb/2006 the BSNL has raised Bill againt my Mobile as INR476712/- .

    • Raise a written complaint to BSNL and keep the acknowledgment. If you are not satisfied with the response of the authorities, it is a better option to approach the consumer court.

  • knpanda

    I am a broad band user since two years with combo home plan 500.I am using with same pattern.I had never got a bill more than hundred rupees.But suddenly I got twobills of nov&dec-11 amounting Rs 10000&26000 respectively.In Jan-11 the bill was again Rs9500.WHy the bills were so high?Why I was not informed earlier?Now I am forced to take higher plans.This is really painful.we are forced to disconnect the connection.I am planning to go to consumes forum. please reply

    • First of all you give a written application mentioning all your grievances to BSNL authorities and get it acknowledged. If they are not solving the problem, then approach consumer court with that details

  • I am broadband user since 3yrs first i was in 500combo plan then it was changed to 1111combo plan we didn’t pay the bills for five months now my overall bill amount is ………………………..RS- 9471………….. is there any possible way to reduce my bill amount.. pls And they say that they had given a complaint to POLICE against us…….. SO can u advice me what to do at this moment. Is there any possible ways PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLs convey……my mail id is “”[email protected]””


  • Our normal bill comes between 1000/- to 2200/-. Suddenly we got the bill amounting Rs 20084.38 for the month of June 2011 which is unacceptably high.We are bsnl bb user for last 3 yrs. BB is fitted to our office telephone. Office is situated in remote area. Office hr is 7am to8pm and there is no residence withine 200 mtr radius ie the range of wireless mode m. We have taken out the details from bsnl office which shows that
    -our mode m has been used(mac id is same)
    -net was used in night hrs.(2am-8am) for 5 hrs daily during the month. Which is impossible in location like our office.
    -even if the mode m remains on during the night the use of it not possible because of the location of the office.
    We wish to know can we take benefit of the samadhan scheme.
    May we have your advise in this regard please.
    Thanking You,
    The Manager , Chandighat Tea Estate

    • If your are sure something went wrong at the BSNL end, then give a written application to the JTO of your BSNL SSA with all details. Check your computers used to surf internet, which are affected with Virus or other malwares. Which plan you are using? In many plans the usage between 2am to 8am is not counted (Free night usage). Can you specify your Plan name? Occasionally BSNLs software billing software bugs count the free usage as normal usage, which can be settled.

  • anushodh

    I was the user of BSNL broadband in 2007 to 2008 march bt later on we gave the application for the disconnection of the broadband, and we got the photocopy for the same with us but now in DEC 2011 we got the application for the final settlement of the bil amount Rs. 23000/- and got the notice as well to submit it asap, but now i am not getting that photocopy of that application which i gave for the disconnection in 2008, i am unable to deposit this much amount,as it is beyond our budget as i don’t get this much as a salary, kindly help me out.


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