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Birthday wishes to Isaac Newton through a beautiful Google doodle

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google doodleToday (04 Jan) is the birthday of the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton (4 January 1643 – 31 March 1727). Google’s birthday wishes to him through beautiful “apple doodle” with a “dropping apple” animation on loading  home page. Birthday wishes to Isaac Newton and congratulation to Google doodler . The innovative doodle ideas are really praiseworthy. Google is displaying different types of creative doodles on various occasions like birthday of great people, Major events, Important days etc. Google has already conducted several competition on doodle creation for students. In 2009 they have conducted a design competition for Nov 14 in India also. The winning doodle was displayed on the Google India homepage on November 14. Clicking on a Google Doodle links to a string of Google search results about the topic.newton09-tree

Wikipedia article on Isaac Newton

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