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Artnemia free WordPress theme v2.0: a complete customization guide

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Arthemia theme, one of the elegant  free WordPress magazine theme. Thanks to Michael Hutagalung for this wonderful theme. There are two versions of Arthemia theme, free and professional. The free version is also very much resourceful. The main issue is that the theme  is not a plug and play theme and back end admin panel also not available in the free version.  Certain coding  is required for the proper configuration of this theme. The customization is not a big task but small mistakes may lead into trouble.

Features of this theme:

  • Drop down menu
  • Automatic image re-sizer for thumbnails.
  • Compatible with almost all major browsers
  • Headline with a big image gives a professional  magazine look.
  • Featured category on front page
  • Category bar on front page
  • Widegets ready.

Sections of  the theme



Download the theme from here . The installation procedure is same as in the case of other WordPress themes. Upload the theme to server  wp-content/theme folder and activate at admin panel.


It is important there may be a chance of some conflict between the theme and other installed pluggins so it is better to de activate all the pluggins before customization.


The logo is located in wp-content/themes/arthemia/images/logo.png . Replace the same with your logo of appropriate size and design.  Locate the file header.php from wp-content/themes/arthemia and look for the following line then delete the width=”177px” height=”39px”. Save the file.

Category Navigation bar in front page

Make two categories named ” Headline” and “Featured“. To show the category bar at home page effectively, some coding is required. First of all  note down the category ids. To see category id, Log in to  WordPress dashboard, go to Manage and then in Categories.Hover the  mouse cursor on the “edit” link related to the category you want to know the ID and look on your browser’s status bar : As you can see on the screen shot below, 7 is the id of the category.


Once you got the category ids then locate the index.php file from   wp-content/themes/arthemia   . Locate the following line

<?php $display_categories = array(5,6,7,8,11); $i = 1;
foreach ($display_categories as $category) { ?>

Replace the category numbers 5,6,7,8,11…..with the ids of your categories to be displayed on the home page.

Front Page configuration

To show the posts correctly in front page the following coding is required .

Then locate the  line  <?php $page = (get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’) : 1;
query_posts(“cat=-9,-15&paged=$page&posts_per_page=2”); ?>

This lines avoid the duplication of the posts in front page . Here 9 and 15 are the  ids of Headline and Featured categories. Replace the same with the  ids of  Featured and Headline categories.

If you want to increase the posts per page from 2 increase the value to desired one (posts_per_page=2″); ?>)

Thumbnail for Headline and posts

Thumbnails across the theme are configured using the Custom Fields. And images can be easily uploaded with WP Add Media feature. You should add a
custom field called “Image” in every post and put the image file name and folder within the custom field value.

For example, custom field name:Image;

custom field value: wp-content/uploads/2008/04/picture.jpg.

The image resizing for headlines and thumbnails will be done automatically by the script.



  • There is a folder called ’scripts’ which contains the PHP image resizer scipt, timthumb.php. Inside the folder, there is another folder called ‘cache’.  These folder are located in wp-content/themes/arthemia/ and wp-content/themes/arthemia/scripts/. You   Have to make this folder writable by changing the folder attributes to 777 using any FTP clients or SSH access.
  • To show the Headline, featured and blog post thumbnail images properly, the name of custom field to be named as “Image “, which is case sensitive. Not to type “image” or  “IMAGE“.
  • The path of the image:  If the url of your image is http://yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/picture.jpg then use /wp-content/uploads/2008/04/picture.jpg, which works most of the sites but in my case this  was not worked.  If this is not working with you then try with yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/picture.jpg (remember don’t use http:// or  www).
  • The image must be located in your server. If it is located outside like flicker, imageshake etc then thumbnail generation script will not work.

Sidebar Ad Block 300×250

Go to Sidebar (wp-content/themes/arthemia/sidebar.php) and locate this line and replace it with your ad code.
< img src=”< ? php echo get_option(‘home’); ?>/wp-content/themes/arthemia/images/banners/square.jpg” alt=”” width=”300px” height=”250px” />

Header Ad Block 468×60

Go to Header (wp-content/themes/arthemia/header.php) and locate this line and replace it with your ad code.

< img src=”< ? php echo get_option(‘home’); ?>/wp-content/themes/arthemia/images/banners/wide.jpg” alt=”” width=”468px” height=”60px” />


All the three footer sections (Footer left, Footer middle and Footer right) can be configured with widegets from WordPress admin panel.

Main Navigation bar  and drop down menu

No special coding is required to make drop down menu. The main Navigation bar at the top displays pages of your blog. If you want to make a drop down menu with multiple sub menus, then go to the “attribute” of the page in WordPress admin panel then change the attribute parent  to the desired main page.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for all this information. I have tried everything that is written here but I still don’t seem to get things right. There is still no image on my featured posts category, only a blank square is shown. How could this be? I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks already. I really hope you can help me with this. My website is TheWritermom.

  • I checked your site.
    1. Your featured posts are without images other than the “valentine day post”.

    2 You have to add a “custom field” named “Image” in each post. For example if you want to add the image in your featured post “History of Valentine day” – Edit your post and add a new custom field named “Image” (important it is case sensitive ie. not “image” or “IMAGE”)and copy the url of your picture .

    Enter the image url without http:// . that is

    If it is not working change the url to

    3. The images must be in your site not with other image sharing site like “photo bucket” .

  • So I added custom field, however, no images from posts will post anywhere on my home page. The only images I can get to work are the ads that I uploaded myself.

    • I think the problem is with the url of custom field image. You must enter the correct image path. try to enter the image url as mentioned in whe previous comment. It will work. Repeat all the steps carefully.

  • I’ve tried adding a few different paths for the custom fields but I still can’t get the images to work on the homepage. I currently have the theme uploaded to a directory of my site, and I thought that might be the problem so I uploaded everything to the root site, but the images remained broken on the homepage. I’ve tried a lot of stuff but none of it seems to work. I’m wondering if it has something to do with my hosting site, IDCsoft.

    • KB Hill

      To get the images to display correctly, you will need to CHMOD the following in this sequence:
      scripts = 777
      cache = 777
      then back to scripts and chmod back to 755

      After hours, this is how I finally got it to work. I also had to completely remove wordpress from my server and do a fresh install. You might want to try that as well

  • dear admin,

    I need to post the summary in the home page as contents and visitors can go to contents by clicking the thumbnail image or the heading of the content and also I need a copy of the last posted content in headlines… and most visited content in featured.. can u pls guide me regarding this… my web is http://dummypaise.0fees.net/ and the reference web is http://www.marketcalls.in

    • Hi Kannan, I think You have not customized the theme properly. Go through the steps mentioned above.It’s very easy to meet all the requirements you mentioned above. Still you are facing difficulty to get it customized, Iam happy to do that for you. You can post the back end details to me at http://techlineinfo.com/contact

  • Dear admin,

    I am not a IT guy so these languages are confusing me a lot…..I tried my level best to configure that blog… but the thing u have mentioned for configuring headline and frontpage is not understandable by me.. (Thumbnail for Headline and posts).. can u guide me online thru chat .. or any other options available… pls guide me

  • Dear admin ,

    I have dont it after a struggle.. thanks a lot for this blog and u … now my concern is there is no text (summary of content at all). only image is showing and in featured category i the thumnail image size is too small and how to configure the featured column to show the most visited content in last 15 days… thank you

  • Matthew

    Dear Admin,

    I use this theme but trying to add an additional level in the nav bar. How can I add this? Page – Sub Page – Sub Sub Page. As of now, I can only do a Page – Sub Page.


  • sir i also use Arthemia theme but i want to remove category bar from my front page of website so can you tell me in which code segment i will do manipulation ,pls reply soon

  • how i can increase no. of post in my front page right now i only show 5 post i want it show nearly 8 -9 post in front page so how i can made this chang pls help me

  • To increase the number of posts per page Read the Front Page Configuration part of the above article.

  • DeeDee

    Hi, do you know how to remove excerpts and make all posts full size like a regular blog?

  • Hi,

    Would love to be able to put one of my categories up in the top navigation bar. Can you explain how to do this?



  • Hi, I am in the process of setting up my website with the arthemia theme. But i’ve run into some problems with my ‘featured’ section and ‘category’ section. On the ‘featured’ area my posts are way too long. How can i specify a ‘cut-off’ no of words so that it can be shorter and more clean?

    In the ‘categor’ section’ the category called ‘international’ is going off way to the right whereas it is the first category on the left. Please have a look and give your suggestions. your help would be much appreciated.

  • If you are able to go to my website you can see there is a problem with the picture in headline and feature. i have tried my best to edited every thing you have written but it doesn’t seems to be working.
    Please help. Also could you tell me if there is any with the picture Picture size. Here is the dimension currently i’m using Dimensions: 298 × 449


  • hay nice job…..its very helpful for us..

  • Hi,

    Do you know how to get this theme to display your current page in the nav bar. I have managed to achieve everything I wanted so far but this has me stumped.



    • You have done an excellent customization. Congrats. I am not getting what you mean by. Can you please elaborate a little bit? Do you want to highlight the selected page?

  • Sujith, Have you had any issue where the the Headline category that is show in the home page will not display the image after upgrading to version 3.0? I will retry the permissions on the directory that timthumb uses, but I wouldn’t expect them to have changed. Many thanks, Joe

    • No,It’s working flawlessly in version 3 also. I have tried it with my test installation in local server

      • It was the permissions on the cache file. Once I updated them, it worked again. Thansk.

  • I just love this theme, i recently upgraded to the premium version, which works pretty much the same. I have experiment a bit with the colors in the CSS styles sheet, and recently i add an additional section for banners as you can see on my page. The “flying” banner had a very positive impact on my add earnings, so i can only recommend to ad this one, please feel free to write to me is you want code which you need to add to header.

    Brgds, Morten

  • hallo admin,

    think it is good information to review arthemia theme
    i just want to ask, are there free version?
    i hope i get good news from u

  • I am using premium arthemia theme in http://www.biztekmantra.com. No recent posts are visible on the front page. Can you help me?


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