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50 Innovative and weird mouse designs

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Here see some innovative and weird mouse designs collected from various sources. All of these designs are  real functional pieces but may not be available in your neighboring shop. Then also it is nice to see the creativity of the innovative designers.

Full Brass mouse

Skeleton Mouse

Wooden mouse

Ghost mouse

Hippus Mouse

Arrow Mouse

Mouse Mouse

Bamboo Mouse

Chocolate mouse

Fish Mouse

G-Spot Mouse

Car Mouse

Skype phone Mouse

Frog Mouse

Lego brick Mouse

Lingerie Mouse

Lady Bug Mouse

Sexy Mouse

Shoe Mouse

Steam punk Mouse

Gold Biscuit Mouse

Hand Grenade Mouse

Finger Mouse

Inflatable Mouse

Fish Mouse

Decorated Globe Mouse

Finger Mouse

Kitty Mouse

Star Mouse

Stone Mouse

Heart Mouse

Egg Mouse

Penguin Mouse

Hamburger Mouse

Diamond decorated Mouse

Coffee Mug Mouse

Body Mouse

Stainless steel Mouse

Cork Mouse

Bamboo Mouse

Gold Brain Mouse

Card and Cow mouse

Baseball Cap Mouse

Aircraft Mouse

Grassy Mouse

Skull Mouse

Piggy Mouse

Spider Mouse

Hello Kitty Mouse

Super Slim Mouse

Note: None of these designs or images are owned by this site. Pictures are collected from various sources. Copyright violations may be intimated if any.

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  • wow , very good collection, i never seen this type of Mouse design, good work.

  • I am a lover of gadgets and it makes me to take to the next step.Really a innovative mouse designs and we can use it as real mouse too its funny and cheer to work..

  • Awesome designs. Lingerie and Skeleton designs are the highlight here. Thanks for sharing.

  • These are really cool… creativity at its best I must say… but I wonder how could you collect so many designs… 50 in number… Awesome!

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