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5 Must Have Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers

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This is a guest post by Whiztechy who writes about Blogging tips and WordPress Webhosting.

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers and the best USP of Google Chrome is it’s light weight feature and ability to provide lots of extensions. There are many of extension available in Google Chrome and as a blogger many of our tasks becomes very easy and time saving with the help of Google Chrome extensions.

Here are few useful and must have Google Chrome extension for bloggers:

Google Reader Notifier:

One of the best way to keep updates with latest news and articles from other blog is to read feeds. Google Reader Notifier provides you the number of feeds unread near your Google Chrome address bar. Once you will click on extension icon it will provide you the list of latest unread feeds.

Google Reader.jpg

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Seo Status:

Seo is one of the important factor of blogging and it is important to keep track of your blogs as well as blog which you visit. You should be aware of good PR blogs, blogs having good Alexa rank, backlinks etc. SEO Status Google Chrome extension will help you to give all basic SEO details of any blog which you visit, right on your browser.

SEO Status.jpg

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Webpage Screenshot:

Images are best way to make article attractive. With Webpage Screenshot extension you can easily take the screenshot of any webpage and it will be saved to your PC, thus you can share with your friends or use it in your blog post. It also provides options like cropping, editing, using arrows and various other tools.


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Many times we need to share URLs via emails, on social networks, IMs etc and it is always better to share shortened URL. With Bit.ly Google Chrome extension you can easily shorten long URLs to short and share with other bloggers and friends. You can easily short, track and share link  with help of Bit.ly extension.


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What if someone shared a shortened link with you, it is risky to open such links sometimes. But with the help of Untiny Google Chrome Extension you can quickly transform shortened URL to long one before visiting the page. This will be a secure way, so that you don’t land to unwanted or malicious websites.


Link ]

If you are a Google Chrome user then do share with us which extension you prefer to use and find most useful.

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  • one more gr8 plugin for SEO is https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/oangcciaeihlfmhppegpdceadpfaoclj

    its a good extension for SEO all in one ……

    • Thanks Deepak, I will surely give it a try. It seems to be useful as it provides lots of different factors too.

  • there are many plug-ins available that can help Search engine optimization like seoQuake can be downloaded from http://www.seoquake.com/guide.php having all search engine results like google,bingo,yahoo etc. with all necessary features like page rank checker,cache,links checker useful for SEO and there are many plug-ins are provided by chrome like SEO Site Tool,page rank checker.

    • Yeah Monurohila, I have used SEOQuake and it is good but I haven’t included in list because I think it’s would be bit confusing for beginners. Thanks for adding one more to list.

  • Thanks for helpful post……….

  • I normally use Firefox.
    Thanks for remind SEO Status and Webpage Screenshot extension.
    I am trying now with chrome

    • Do try it Hung Hong, don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

  • So far, I only use firefox as my web browser. I think I need to give a try for chrome since there are many interesting extensions for it.

    • Dana, you must give it a try. Chrome is faster than Firefox and provides lots of useful features.

  • Suraj

    Do you believe by any chance, that we could make money from Bit.ly?
    And How do think there are more readers on Google Reader than, any other service?

    And I think Webpage screenshot is a must for, Chrome – Bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing this article, I found it helpful.

    • I don’t have any idea about making money via Bit.ly and I haven’t wrote that Google reader have more users, I just specified it is one of the popular and useful. Glad you like the article.

  • Awesome! These blogger extensions should definitely help me!

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