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01 Dec 09 onwards mobile phones without IMEI number will go silent in India

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Today (30 Nov 09) is the deadline for mobile operators in India to block the calls to  to the mobile phones without IMEI number. Tomorrow onwards millions of mobile phones will become an electronic toy.

IMEI number

It is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identification number, which is unique for all GSM, CDMA and Satellite phones. The 15-digit number helps security agencies trace calls made from and received on handsets.

IMEI number can help in tracking or blocking your mobile phone if it is lost. When a phone is switched on, the IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a database in the network’s EIR (Equipment Identity Register). The EIR has three categories namely the “white lists”, “grey lists” and “black lists”. The operator can block a handset by putting it in black list. Also by using Global Positioning System an operator can track the handset user also. But the use of these lists and technologies is at the operators’ discretion and the concerned government’s telecommunication security policy. Generally operators provide these services in case of special investigations only.

Structure of IMEI Number

The IMEI (14 decimal digits plus a check digit) or IMEISV (16 digits) includes information on the origin, model, and serial number of the device. IMEI number is allotted by British Approvals Board for Telecommunications (BABT)

TAC – Type Allocation Code Serial Number Check Digit
Reporting Body Identifier, eg BABT Type Identifier defined by BABT Number range allocated by BABT but assigned to individual mobile stations by the manufacturer. Defined as a function of all other digits (calculated by the manufacturer).

How to check the IMEI number

Thenokia-imei IMEI number is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone. It can also be displayed on the screen of the phone by entering *#06# into the keypad. To check the details of your mobile, get the IMEI number and enter the same in this site

Cell Phones without IMEI number

In India millions of cheap Chinese  mobile phones are in market without IMEI number. The main fascination towards these phones are its cheap price and a bundle of features, that even beats the costly high ended branded mobile phones (Only features no reliability, security and quality) In these mobile phones the IMEI number may be blank or all zeros.

Remember– Always to  check the IMEI number before purchasing the mobile phone even it is a branded one also.

What to do if you have a mobile without IMEI number

Don’t waste your time in searching the net for the software to crack the IMEI number or re-load the IMEI number.

Here the method to get a genuine IMEI number legally

The program has been closed on 01 Dec 09.

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  • akhtar

    in case of CDMA mobiles like reliance..the code “*#06#” doesn’t work.
    if you know how to check imei for cdma.plz mail me on my id.
    thankz in advance…

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